From POTENZA (Basilicata, ITALIA) Emanuele Colucci belongs to the class of 1987 very young, south Italian Emanuele was able to experience the club thanks to having a cousin working in one.At the age of 14 he finally bought his first turntables and mixer and since then he has never stopped collecting and proposing records with personality and dedication.As a local Dj he did warm ups and closings for consolidated artists but also started Ilogical Kit, a net label delivering free music with a rather specific sound direction.In 2014, he moved to Seville, showing collector skills and personality he joined the most underground circuit of the city. Highlight spots were Kafka Club and Cosmos Club.In 2017 he moved to Mallorca but not before playing in La Ruche in Lausanne in Switzerland, Mallorca was for Emanuele a chance to focus in production as he quickly became friends with other producers who had similar sonorities. He has now catched the interest and released in Labels such as Amam or Clock Poets. From Italy he is again feeding his inspiration with new sensations on his ever evolving personal musical journey.